Paseos Amazónicos

Butterfly House Pilpintuwasi & Visit Bora Native Community


Pilpintuwasi is a rescue center, located 20 minutes from Iquitos, has a land of 20 hectares in the town of Padre Cocha. They protect animals affected by the poaching industry and the traffic that thrives in Iquitos. Visit to the Community of the Ethnicity of the Boras, where in addition to knowing their customs you can participate in their dances.
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Transfer to the river dock to start de tour.

Navigating the world's mightiest river, the Amazon, aboard comfortable and safe motorboats (25 min approx.) Journey will continue by Nanay and Momon rivers. Along the way we will appreciate a wonderful panorama of picturesque villages and dense vegetation as the boat takes us through the sinuous curves that describe these Amazonian tributaries.

Arrival to Zoo Pilpintuwasi, where we observe with the help of an expert guide, the wonderful world of butterflies whose showy display living specimens will surprise you.

We continue our tour waterway (40 min approx.) By moving to the native community of native "Boras" who teach us about their particular lifestyle, their customs and crafts. It also will provide a presentation of dances through which explain their beliefs and love of nature.

Following the tour will return to the pier at Nanay waterway (50 min. Approx). Arriving in Iquitos we will leave them at your hotel or transfer to airport.

Duration of the tour: 3 a 3 1/2 hours (FD Tour)

Departures from Iquitos: 9:00 am or 10:00 am